Adidas: Play All

Adidas: Play All was a campaign pitch deck designed to increase sales, in light of Adidas' recent losses to Under Armour and Nike in the fitness brand industry. The campaign ties together existing components that Adidas has as a cohesive brand which include their athlete sponsorships, but also their collaborations with fashion houses such as Raf Simons, Rick Owens, and Stella McCartney.

The existing logo of three stripes can be transformed into a play button for a quick, memorable graphic at the end of the ads.

By having different phrases per category, Adidas can collaborate with athletics who “play hard,” fashion houses or bloggers who “play cool,” and musicians who “play loud.” Playfest, an arts and music festival, was also a part of the pitch, offering three days celebrating the three things that make Adidas an embodiment of youth culture.

Incorporating these three elements together will and ending with a “play all” will set a direct definition for Adidas that they are a passionate, hip, and young brand that taps into more demographics than other sportswear brands.

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